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Here Are What Some Of Our Regular Customers Have To Say About Barn'rds

I came into your brand new restaurant today (09/21/2020) at about 230 pm. I have never eaten at Barnrds before but i just so happened to get off work early and was very hungry. Word had spread that your new restaurant opened today and here is my experience.... I decided to eat in, so i walked inside and was immediately greeted by a cheery young man, who you can tell is as excited as i am that i came. I explained that i never ate at Barnrds before, to which he stated, please take your time and to let him know of any questions. As i scrolled through the window i noticed the pictures of the sandwiches on the screens, all of them looked delicious, but i wasnt sure what any of the pictures were. So the young tall excited man explained each picture to me. At that point i decided on the Jalepeno ranch sandwich. I dont usually do meals but i noticed there was iced tea. I asked the tall excited man "is that tea fresh?", to which he replied, OF COURSE! Would you like one? I felt so encouraged to get a tea that i went ahead and ordered a combo, with large fries because, why not? As i looked around the restaurant, i couldn't help but realize how clean and welcoming the style and the atmosphere is. Noticed that they had "homemade horseradish sauce so naturally grabbed some of that and found a seat. AS SOON AS I SAT DOWN THE SANDWICH CAME OUT TO ME. I was very impressed. the young lady was very polite and handed me my food with NO WAIT TIME AT ALL. As i unwrapped my sandwich and took the first bite, i realized what life after death was.... Beautiful, aromatic, and DELICIOUS. Ate that whole sandwich in 10 seconds. Once i finished the sandwich i had a 5 minute phone call. After the phone call i reached in for my first fry and WOW! STILL HOT AND SOOO CRISP! Amazed. Ate all my fries in about 30 seconds, like a starved dog stealing the thanksgiving Turkey. Meanwhile i am noticing the staff. All very friendly, constantly cleaning. The tall man behind the counter had a mishap with the new register but figured it out pretty quick and was very apologetic to the customer (she had been up there for 30 seconds, not long at all), and continued to be tall and excited. As i left the store in sadness, i looked back and noticed 4 employees all waiving goodbye to me. At that moment i made a vow to return to this fine establishment, to give more of my money to the Barnrds Gods. Quickly escaped before i spent any more money on the delicious / massive jars of cookies up front. Thank you Barnrds, I will be with you again soon.... But not yet. Not yet.
Zach W, Wichit, KS

Even though I live close to the old location, I had never been to Barn'rds before. A coworker kept raving about how good the mac and cheese was, so I knew I had to try it. We drove over during our lunch time today and went through the drive-through and each ordered a mac and cheese kids meal. The staff was very courteous and accommodating of us having two separate orders in one car. The mac and cheese was as good as she had told me, and was still piping hot even after the drive back to work. The french fries were nice and crispy, and although we got ketchup to go with them, they didn't need it to be good. I also got one of the iced ginger spice cookies, and it was soft and chewy, and the icing just melted in my mouth. I'm wishing now I had tried them sooner!
Amy A, Wichita, KS

I was lucky enough to work at the very first Barn'rds in 1982 in Council Bluffs, Iowa due to being best friends with Troy Hertel while in high school. I can tell you the same attention to super high quality, nutritious and delicious food accompanied by very friendly and incredibly fast service (especially the Drive-Thru) has continued through today almost 40 years later. Even the menu has remained, for the most part, the same with a wide variety of very high quality sandwiches, soups and salads all priced more than fair featuring what most would call Comfort Food. Thank you Barn'rds & The Hertels for giving me an opportunity to be part of the Barn'rds Team and today to still remain part of it even from a distance.
Corey H, Port Orange, FL

The one thing I absolutely LOVE about Barn'rds is their Famous Roast Beef as they slow cook it all night and it truly is like getting thinly sliced prime rib. Other restaurants (You know the one :) selling roast beef use a very process spam type of beef that is not near as delicious....or the incredible Roast Beef at Barn'rds. I have also tried most all their other sandwiches on their menu and Barn'rds continues to deliver with the finest and most fresh meats and ingredients you will find at any restaurant. Keep Up The Great Work!!!
Bill S, Wichita, KS

Rarely these days do you see a truly family started and run business in the fast food restaurant arena and one that really has shown longevity and shown how a very well planned out menu focusing on healthy, delicious and nutritious food can truly stand the test of time as it really does prove there is an ever growing consumer niche that appreciates comfortable made from scratch delicious food. I have been going to Barn'rds since they opened in 1984 and never have I had a remotely bad experience regarding their service of food quality and 9 times out of 10, I am greeted by one of the Hertels. For anyone who has never tried Barn'rds, I am positive once you try their food just once and experience the best level of service you will find at a fast food restaurant, you will become almost a daily regular customer as I quickly became.
Thomas F, Wichita, KS

If you LOVE Soup as I do, there is no better soup served at a fast food restaurant then Barn'rds. With most, if not all, fast food restaurants that serve soup just heating up something frozen they receive on a truck or pouring soup from cans or instant mixes, Barn'rds makes their soup 100% from scratch daily using only fresh ingredients and does the incredible taste come through. My favorite is their homemade Vegetable Beef Soup loaded with all your favorite veggies and loads of meat but their creamy potato soup and hearty chicken noodle run a very close 2nd for me - all are unmatched by any other fast food restaurant I have been to. I do always also get one of their delicious sandwiches as I love dipping the toasted bun into my soup as well. Keep up the great work and attention to serving only the freshest and healthiest foods!!!
Cindy O, Wichita, KS

Being really health conscious I am always looking for really great food that I know will keep in line with my health goals. Barn'rds offering for salads and low fat sandwiches makes it easy to have a nice variety of very healthy and super delicious food on a daily basis. I would say none of their food is unhealthy but they truly have a lot of great selections for us calorie and fat counters. I will admit it is hard walking by their homemade cookies and sometimes I have to admit I do fall off the wagon at times. Thanks for doing such a great job and offering such delicious and nutritious food!!!
Kim M, Wichita, KS

If you are looking for VERY AFFORDABLE catering solutions for your larger family gatherings or corporate meetings, Barn'rds really offers some very delicious food and LOTS of it. Never have I got more food for the money and when they say how many people their catering packages will feed, they mean really actually feed and make satiated. A lot of other catering options will say their catering options will feed like 12 people but in reality you can cut that number in half if feed means provide a very satisfactory meal. Also with Barn'rds, they need little lead time for most catering orders compared to other catering options. Thanks for all the great catering over the years, you truly have made it easy to impress and satisfy both my family and co workers.
Jim D, Wichita, KS